The Culture

In the Mediterranean, eating isn’t an activity, it’s a way of life. Food gives us life, but eating gives us something to live for. That gentle impatience as the final guest arrives, the tingling anticipation as the last dish is placed on the table and you drink it all in with your eyes, before even a morsel is raised to your lips.

Discover a secret garden at the heart of Ibiza, hidden beneath a canopy of trees and stars, where the wine flows easily and the company is always good. The centrepiece: authentic Mediterranean cuisine, created with imagination, care and consideration, and enjoyed slowly, in a unique natural environment.

The Garden

If you happen upon a long, rambling path deep in the Ibizan countryside, follow it. Rows of trees: pine, fig, citrus, carob and olive, await. A heady scent fills the air: lavender, rosemary and thyme, sweetened with a touch of wild fennel and mint. This island is an Eden, and the best of her bounty can be discovered in the garden at Finca.

From the vivid, tangy oranges and lemons that grow within reach, to the medicinal herbs and aromatic spices that travel the short distance from the earth to your plate, our garden awakens each of the senses in turn, and encourages you to revel in the beauty of the natural world.

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The Ingredients

From its earliest days, a fresh water spring, uncommonly fertile soil and a perfect climate helped the humble village of Santa Gertrudis flourish. Today, the surrounding farmland is steeped in agricultural heritage and brims with rich, wholesome, delicious produce.

We’re proud to carry on in the local tradition of cooking only with the best quality ingredients. We select natural and organic produce, biodynamic and regionally-sourced where possible. We live in harmony with the seasons, and our menu changes when they do, so that every flavour, every bite tastes just as nature intended.

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The People

Whether it’s haggling with the local butcher each morning, discussing art with stallholders in the nearby markets or catching up on the morning gossip with a friend over a strong cortado, a unique sense of community is truly the cornerstone of each day here. All the best things in life emanate from it, and we whole-heartedly celebrate it.

At Finca, the privilege and pleasure of sharing a meal with family, friends and loved ones is never overlooked, never rushed. We see it as a precious ritual that grounds and connects us, allowing us to slow down and together, sample some of life’s simplest, greatest pleasures.

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